Quest Alert

Create UBC Esports Association’s next website background!

Hello, gamer! We need your help to help make background videos for our website using prior footage from our Twitch streams and YouTube channel.
Quest requirements: create a video…

– Using UBCEA footage

– That’s designed to be a background video (e.g. works well with text/footage overlaid. Generally this means no centered icons/text in the video to avoid visual clutter; that audio won’t be played in the background)

– That’s optimized for web (small size, can be sent to us in .mp4 or .webm format)

– That’s not too long (approx ~30sec or less)

– Submit it by Jan 15, 2022


Your reward:

– Top 3 submitters will be given a $25 kinton ramen (UBC) gift card.

Aside: please don’t spend too long on making your video submission! It’s only $25 to kinton ramen and this is meant to be a low/medium-effort competition.